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Notary Journals and Notary Certificates

Notary Journals provide you with a professional way to keep records. Each Notary Journal Book holds 219 entries, along with a notary vocabulary glossary. Each book is bound and each transaction is numbered to ensure accuracy and professionalism. You can also place orders by phone at 800-523-234, or fax 978-745-3311. At All State Notary, we offer quantity discounts and your notary journal ships out next business day.

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Keep your notary records documented with our Notary Records Book. 25% off Notary Journals and Notary Supplies ships Next Day.
Notary Journals are designed to keep accurate and precise
records of your notarization. Holds 219 Entries and each is
numbered in bound book. Comes with Glossary of Notary
Terms and Procedures as a Notary and thumb print space


40% Massachusetts Notary Manual which includes a glossary of notary terms and all the basics that every notary in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should know about. Ships next business day. Order online or call All State Notary Supplies at 800-523-2344.
Massachusetts Notary Manual has info on Certified Copies,
Jurat, Signature Witness, Acknowledgments and all the
important information you need to know.


40% off The 5th edition of Barron's Dictionary of Legal Terms by Steven H. Gifis. This product is available to ship next business day. Order online or call All State Notary Supplies at 800-523-2344.
Barron's Dictionary of Legal Terms - 5th Edition.
More than 3,000 legal terms translated into, clear, simple
English. Click for more details!

Pad of 50 Notary Acknowledgment Certificates. Ships next business day.
Acknowledgment Notary Certificates. That the signer of
document appeared before the Notary. That the Notary
identified the signer, and the signer both acknowledged
the signature his/hers. Pad of 50.


Attested Certified True Copy Notary Certificates come in a pack of 50. Certificates ship next business day.
True Copy Notary Certificates. Notary Certification
stating that the copy of a document being provided is
in fact an accurate. Copy of the original unaltered.
Pad of 50 certificates


Jurat Affidavit Notary Certificates comes in a pack of 50 certificates. Ships next business day.
Jurat Notary Certificates. Notary Certification on an
affidavit declaring when, where and before whom it
was sworn. Signed and Stamped by Notary Public.
Pad of 50 Certificates.


Notary Certificates Combination Pack includes Acknowledgement, Jurat/Affidavit, Witness Signature and Attested Certificates. There are 50 certificates of each category. This package ships out next business day.
Notary Certificates Combo comes with one pad of each notary
certificate. Include Acknowledgment, Jurat, Witness Signature,
Attested True Copy. Save money with this combination pack.


There are 50 Signature Witness Notary Certificates per package. Ships next business day.
Signature Notary Certificates. Notary Certification being a
Witness of a Signed Signature. These Certificates are very
useful when a document being notarized lacks the proper
wording or space for additional wording.