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Black Seal Impression Inker makes seal impression suitable for photocopying and faxing your notarized documents. Ships next business day.

Seal Impression Inker - for Faxing or Copying

Product # : INKER
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Seal Impression Inker is essential for anyone who owns an embosser. It allows you to darken an embossed impression with ink for the purpose of photocopying and faxing official documents. It is important to note that the best way to achieve a clear seal impression without smudging, is to press the inker very lightly over the embossed seal while twisting it slightly. We suggest practicing the technique before using the product on official documents.

  • Comes with black ink and is re-inkable
  • Will cover an embossing with a diameter up to 1 5/8"
  • Replace the lower die for best legibility on worn seals
  • Inker is easily cleaned with a cleansing tissue
  • A must have for Notaries - can be used for fingerprinting

This product is available to ship out the next business day.