Massachusetts Notary Supplies

Supplies for Massachusetts Notaries

Order custom Massachusetts notary public packages and supplies that will be beneficial during your 7-year term of service. Once you customize your seal, you can complete your order by getting a notary sign, desk plate, name tag and records book from our website. Massachusetts law requires you to keep track of all notarization in a records journal that is tamper-proof with numbered pages.

You must use a notary seal on all official acts performed with an embosser or black pre-inked or self-inking stamp. Seal impression inker is essential for making the embosser impression on official documents visible for copying. For more information and requirements see our Massachusetts notary FAQs.

All notary supplies ship next business day! Per Massachusetts regulatory law, all stamps and seals must contain the following information: name, Notary Public, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, commission expiration date and the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are your resource for updates Massachusetts seals and notary essentials.