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Connecticut Notary Supplies

Follow best standards and practices by using professional Connecticut notary supplies. Shop CT notary name tags, desk plates, and notary supply kits, customizable with your name and official information. Orders ship next business day.

Supplies for Connecticut Notaries

Order Connecticut notary public supplies and packages that will make your job easier during your 5-year commission. You will be able to depend on these professionally made custom seals throughout your commission.

Although there are no mandatory equipment requirements in Connecticut, it is considered best practice to use a records journal and a notary seal in the form of an embosser, pre-inked or self-inking stamp. These products will keep your documents organized and secure while providing proof of originality.

For more information and requirements see our Connecticut notary FAQs. Connecticut notary stamps and seals are customized to include the following: name, Notary Public and state of Connecticut. It is optional to add your commissions expiration date, but be aware that it is required to have in some form on all performed notarization. All notary products ship next business day!