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Get Your Official State Notary Supplies!

Common Kits

Shop Common Notary Kits that include state-required professional notary public supplies. Find your state and customize your order with your official information.

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Common Notary Public Kits

Our Common Notary Public Kits are the perfect solution for both new and experienced notary publics. Each common notary kit includes basic state-required notary supplies and a high-quality zippered vinyl pouch to help keep all of your professional tools in one place. Please note that the contents for common notary kits may vary depending on your state's requirements. Find your state's common notary kit and customize your order with your name and professional notary information.

Each Common Notary Kit may include a variation of the following professional supplies, depending on your state's recommended requirements:

  • One round notary seal embosser or stamp
  • A custom rectangular self-inking notary stamp
  • The Complete Notary Records Book for detailed and thorough record keeping
  • A zippered vinyl bag for carrying your professional tools

All State Notary is proud to be your go-to source for high-quality notary public supplies. Check out our entire selection of Notary Supply Kits for more options and be sure to read our State Notary FAQs to find the specific requirements for your state.

Personalization is always free at All State Notary Supplies. So, you'll never pay extra to add your name to any of our products.