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Hawaii Notary Round Pink Seal Embosser

Hawaii Notary Round Pink Seal Embosser

Are you a newly appointed or established Hawaii Notary Public? Whether you are ordering the Round Hawaii Notary Pink Seal Embosser for the first time or you have recently renewed your license, you can ensure that we provide only the most recent and state recommended Hawaii notary supplies. We strive to carry only the latest state-approved designs, but be sure to check our detailed Hawaii Notary FAQs to ensure you order what you need!

Round Hawaii pink notary seal available with the following options:

  • Customized with your name and license number
  • EZ pocket embosser impression measures approximately 1 ⅝" in diameter
  • Embossing plates made of hard Delrin plastic
  • Choose embossing angle for your pocket seal to fit your needs
  • Optional foil stickers and impression inker available for pocket seal

Must upload a copy of your Hawaii Notary Certificate for verification. Allowed files types are .jpg, .png, .jpeg, and .pdf.

Hawaii Notary Round Pink Seal Embosser
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