Idaho Notary Supplies

Supplies for Idaho Notaries

Get a notary seal that complies with Idaho state laws here. Choose from a selection of value and deluxe notary kits to get your supplies all in one. We also customize individual stamp and embosser seals, signs, name tags, desk plates and other notary document stamps.

Order Idaho notary public supplies and packages that provide you with everything you need to perform your duties as a notary. During your 6-year commission, Idaho laws require you to use a notary seal in the form of a pre-inked or self-inking stamp to notarize all documents. A records journal is not a state requirement, but is strongly encouraged as the best way to keep your notarial acts ordered and secure. For more information and requirements see our Idaho notary FAQs.

All stamps are customized to adhere to Idaho's specific regulations which require a serrated border for round and rectangle stamps and the following text: name, Notary Public and state of Idaho. Although not part of the stamp, it is important to know that you are required to put the expiration date of your commission on all documents in the format; "My commission expires on (Date), (Year)."

It's easy to customize your updated Idaho notary seal with our wizard. All notary products ship next business day!