Indiana Notary Supplies

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Supplies for Indiana Notaries

Order custom Indiana Notary public packages and supplies. Browse high quality supplies such as embosser seals, stamp seaks, JURAT stamps, desk plates, name tags and records books. You can rely on us for up to date notary requirements for the Indiana seal.

During your 8-year commission, you are required to purchase a surety bond to protect the public from financial losses that are a result of notary misconduct. Indiana law mandates that you use a seal to notarize all official documents in the form of an embosser, pre-inked or self-inking stamp.

You must purchase seal impression inker to blacken your embossed seal for visibility on photocopied documents. The state recommends using a records journal which offers liability protection and a way to keep all performed notarization organized. For more information and requirements see our Indiana notary FAQs. Indiana regulations require all seal and stamps to be sharp, legible, permanent and photocopiable. They must include the following text: name, Notary Public, county, state of Indiana, expiration date and commission number. All notary supplies ship next business day!