North Carolina Notary Supplies

Supplies for North Carolina Notaries

During your 5 year term as a notary, there are many custom North Carolina notary public supplies and packages available to you. From individual seal products and complete kits, there are many notary essentials available for you to personalize. We even have pink seal supplies!

It is mandatory by North Carolina state law that you use a notary seal to officiate all notarization you perform. You have the choice of using a seal in the form of an embosser, pre-inked or self-inking stamp. You are urged to purchase a records journal because the numbered pages and tamper proof binding makes it easy to know if you are missing anything.

For more information and requirements see our North Carolina notary FAQs. All notary supplies ship next business day! North Carolina stamps and seals contain the the following information which is insisted by state laws: name, Notary Public, county, North Carolina and commission expiration date.